Traveling in e-bike

Up until a few years ago, imagining a cycling holiday was reserved for a very small number of people... very sporty and highly trained people.

With the evolution of technology and the advent of electric bikes, it is now possible to create, and not just imagine, a cycling holiday, traveling many tens of kilometers on your own and reaching the destination still fresh and rested.

For this reason, e-bike touring is slowly becoming established: a new challenge also for Italy, which has potentially a huge attraction for the millions of northern European cyclists, fascinated by the possibility of cycling through the beauties of the country and which could bring a decidedly remarkable induce.

But why traveling in e-bike?

Why work and sweat rather than lie comfortably under an umbrella?

The first possible answer is "Try it for yourself and you will understand why...".

Yes, because it is difficult to explain in words what it means to breathe aromas and scents of paths in the woods, admire enchanted sunrises and sunsets, learn about towns, villages, that you didn't even know existed and let yourself be carried away by unknown silences, in which to find or discover small pieces of you, that you did not know.

It is difficult to explain the taste of having reached the goal, having the feeling of having earned the "prize" of a lunch, a dinner, an afternoon at the pool or in a SPA.

It is difficult to explain how pleasant it is to slow down the pace, cross the landscape slowly, stop when and where you want, have a chat with the farmer who hoes the field next to the road, discuss the next move with the old men who play checkers in front at the village bar, wait for a trout to bite into the fisherman's hook with which you share a nice meadow on the shore of the lake.

A bicycle trip helps you find yourself, without doctors and analysts, in a pleasant and enjoyable way; helps to find a lost sociality and, above all, to rediscover the value of time, to advance at the right pace, fully enjoying the taste, the essence, of the territory that one is going through, experiencing a feeling of lightness and freedom.

It is not necessary to leave immediately for a long journey, indeed, it is preferable to approach this world gradually and joyfully... start with a one-day outing, go on a little weekend tour, take one more step, lengthening the weekend... at that point it will be natural to want something more, to seek the adventure of a holiday.

It is not even necessary to buy an e-bike; to realize what it means to ride on an electric bike, you can start by renting it, experimenting in this way, what it means to travel by e-bike, get to know its features and secrets better and appreciate its great potential.

It doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, sporty or sedentary... everyone has the right to dream...

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