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We believe it is possible to imagine a different way to experience everyday life, a more ethical and responsible lifestyle that will allow us to improve the quality of the air we breathe and, at the same time, save time, money, avoid queues, stress, anger... giving us a better physical shape,
more time for ourselves and a much better quality of life.

We believe that electric mobility will revolutionize our cities and, in particular, the electric bike, will become the natural medium and faithful friend for short-distance movements..

This is why we founded the first shop in Modena, specialized in the sale of electric bikes,
in the rental of City and Mountain Bikes, and the organization of tours in e-bike.

This is why E-BIKE TRAVEL was born.

this is the image of a woman with an e-bike

City and Trekking e-bike

The use of a City e-Bike is particularly suitable for all those people who have to travel just a few kilometres, especially in the city. There are different types of City e-bikes, but the most used ones are...

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Mountain and Sport e-bike

The use of a Mountain e-Bike is the perfect pick for those who, regardless of age and sex, like to exercise at an amateur level. This e-Bike will allow you to ride through intense paths even if you’re not a sports person…

Traveling in e-bike

Up until a few years ago, the idea of going on a cycling holiday was reserved for a small niche of trained sportsmen. With the evolution of technology and the advent of electric bikes…

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