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e-bike Travel is a team of people who have decided to set themselves an ambitious goal: putting on a bike even those who are not sporty, those who are not young, those who are lazy, those who want to visit places accessible only by bike but do not have the strength in their legs to get there, those who want to go to work by bike without getting sweaty and tired, those who want to grocery shop and in the meantime also do some movement, those who want to go shopping, getting right in front of the shop, those who want to discover different holidays, fun and relaxing at the same time.

We are people who want to bring a breath of fresh air and innovation.

We are NOT athletes, We are NOT agonists We are NOT runners, we are people who love sport, physical activity, well-being but... without exaggeration, without exasperation, calmly... not to arrive first but to be there

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