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About Us

 E-Bike Travel is a team of people who decided to set an ambitious goal: to be the e-Bike world specialists.

We provide all-round assistance: rental, sales, repairs, maintenance and organization of short tours riding our e-bikes to discover wonderful territories.

We are also the first franchising dedicated to the rental and sale of pedal-assisted bicycles: with 10 active stores and as many in the making, we offer the opportunity to join a solid and fast-growing Network.

We believe in a alternative mobility, in a different way of living everyday life and leisure time, in a more ethical and responsible lifestyle that allows us to improve the air quality we breathe, of save time and money and give us a better physical fitness.

We believe that e-bike it's the ideal vehicle to pursue these goals by offering the better products available on the market, the best performing, the most reliable, those with the best value for money, at the sporty always looking for adrenaline, to those who want to moving around town more quickly and streamlined and to anyone who wishes to experience the vacations in different ways, reaching enchanting places and experiencing unrepeatable emotions

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