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What is Franchising?

The extraordinary business system that offers small businesses the opportunity to start a business, develop it and consolidate it, while minimizing investment and enjoying the great benefits of the economies of scale realized by joining a large group.


Data from recent research, showed that businesses opened under Franchise have prospects of success beyond 5 years after opening, amounting to about the 95%, compared with 35 percent for independent and self-employed businesses.


We can therefore state that the FRANCHISE is undoubtedly the distribution system that most guarantees the entrepreneur in terms of SAFETY and COMPETITIVENESS.


E-BIKE TRAVEL is the first franchising network for the rental and sale of e-bikes in Italy. To date, it has 12 stores already operational and 5 about to open soon.

E-BIKE TRAVEL provides its Affiliates, a "Turnkey" package, which helps them to face without anxieties and worries every operational phase of the business and guarantees them the supply of the best brands of bicycles and accessories, with the most convenient discounts and granting high margins and excellent profit opportunities.


E-BIKE TRAVEL invests large capital to increase visibility and brand awareness nationwide and to enable its Affiliates to be consistently ranked in the top positions of search engines and promoting their business locally.

Joining the network E-BIKE TRAVEL means immediately sharing the brand awareness and prestige built and established over time, immediately becoming a reference point for all those who intend to rent or buy an e-bike.

E-BIKE TRAVEL is the right choice for those who want to improve their working condition, to those who have decided to start their own business, to those who want to increase their earnings, to those who want to join an industry with the highest growth rate worldwide. 


Sustainable mobility has begun an unstoppable development process and the effects of the pandemic have contributed to an acceleration of the phenomenon and, according to the forecasts of three European cycling associations (ECF, Conebi and Cycling Industries Europe), in the next ten years the European citizens will purchase, thanks also to the impressive investments planned by the EU, a total of 10 million more bicycles per year, thus reaching a figure of 30 million units sold in 2030, marking a +47% compared to 2019 and bringing sales of bikes to represent more than double the number of cars currently registered in the European Union each year.

The growth trend concerns the entire two-wheel market, but it is the world of e-bikes that represents the segment with the most significant growth, which, according to forecasts, will go from 3.7 million units sold in 2019 to 17 million in 2030, with the aim of reaching 10 million e-bikes sold starting from 2024.

A survey of State of Nation by Shimano, highlighted that 30% of Italians, after the first lockdown, declared themselves interested in purchasing an e-bike, compared to a European average of 17%.

The choice of potential cyclists is motivated by the possibility of easily overcoming climbs and long distances (32%), the desire to improve one's physical (30%) and mental (22%) performance and the desire to reduce the environmental impact of one's vehicle transport (18%).


The detailed analysis of the data highlights how in European countries with higher penetration rates, the electric bicycle is used mostly by a non-sporting public, who use the vehicle to carry out activities related to everyday life and for trips out of town, tours organized and alternative holidays.


The Italian data highlights, however, a use of e-bikes mainly by a competitive public who uses the vehicle to carry out sporting activities.


This data therefore allows us to understand how great the growth margin of this "non-sports" market is, which involves ordinary people who will use the e-bike to carry out their daily activities and for cycle tourism.

8 reasons to open an E-BIKE TRAVEL store

Because you will never be alone

E-BIKE TRAVEL is always at its Affiliates' side to provide them with all-round support that will lead them to success thanks to proven business formulas and qualified staff able to support and guide them in their daily choices.

Because we will take care of everything

E-BIKE TRAVEL assists its Affiliates even before the opening, working alongside them in identifying the location, defining the Business Plan, and completely taking care of the store set-up, with the provision of signage, complete furniture and technical workshop with equipment, tools and components.

Because you don't need to already have experience

E-BIKE TRAVEL prepares its Affiliates through training and refresher courses taught by its own technical staff and leading e-bike electric motor manufacturers. Affiliates are also trained in organizing cycling tours and events.

Because the investment is low

E-BIKE TRAVEL has created an Affiliation formula that allows you to start an entrepreneurial activity in the sector with the highest growth rate, with an extremely low investment that can be modulated according to your needs and availability.

Because you can be funded

Thanks to a partnership activated with a major credit company, E-BIKE TRAVEL offers its Affiliates, the possibility of financing all or part of the investment required for the start-up of the business.

Because you will have an exclusive area

E-BIKE TRAVEL guarantees its Affiliates, a territorial exclusivity and a right of first refusal for any new openings in neighboring areas.

Because you will always have maximum visibility

E-BIKE TRAVEL offers each Affiliate a dedicated section within the national website in which to enter rental, sales and organized tour proposals and access to the specially created EBT online booking system and app.

Because you will receive qualified business and legal assistance

E-BIKE TRAVEL provides business, legal and contractual advice and all necessary forms for bike rentals, thus allowing the Affiliate to focus solely on the best management of the business.

The E-BIKE TRAVEL business model

We transfer to our Affiliates concrete experiences, gained in the field, with high turnover growth performance, generating various sources of income represented: 




We have created a format characterized by low initial investments, but capable of generating important earnings for the Affiliate from the first year of activity.


The E-BIKE TRAVEL franchising offer is not limited to creating a simple commercial relationship with the partner, but gives life to a real communion of intent with the aim of creating value for its Affiliates, contributing to their growth and to their professional and economic realization.


Our formula involves an initial investment of €. 22,000, to which will be added the investment in e-bikes, variable depending on the models chosen, based on the characteristics of the place in which the shop will be opened.

What do we offer affiliates?

To assist our Affiliates a 360°, we wanted to give life to one Franchising proposal simple and clear that will allow the Affiliate to transform an idea and an empty place into a real shop, ready to welcome the public in a pleasant and welcoming environment.

For this reason, we have created aAffiliation Package" which comprises:

  • • Supply of a batch of 10 City model e-bikes, intended for rental
  • • Supply of accessory sets, consisting of helmets, bags, padlocks, saddles, etc…
  • • Supply of component sets, consisting of spare parts, e-bike equipment and consumables
  • • Supply of the entire shop furniture, customized “e-bike TRAVEL”
  • • Setting up of the technical workshop, complete with equipment and components
  • • Supply of the illuminated sign of the shop
  • • Participation in technical courses training for the maintenance and repair of e-bikes
  • • Management training for the organization of tours and cycling events
  • • Marketing consultancy with supply of advertising material
  • • Commercial, legal and contractual consultancy for rental
  • • Advice and support of a architect for theshop setup
  • • Insertion of the store affiliated within the national “E-BIKE TRAVEL” website
  • • Insertion of tours organized by the Affiliate, within the online catalogue

We want to put our Affiliates in the best conditions to work well, grow and earn, assisting them at all times and making them feel our support, our expertise and our professionalism.

What do you need to join

Local, owned or with a rental contract of at least 5 years, with a minimum surface area of approximately 50 m2 and at least a shop window facing the street

Location in places with large tourist flows or in city centers with an important catchment area in terms of inhabitants

Investment capacity initial starting from €32,000 + VAT

Availability for a contractual commitment of affiliation of 5 years

Our affiliates


Gavirate (VA)

I was the first to believe in the E-BIKE TRAVEL project and I often wonder why I didn't make this choice sooner.


Desenzano (BS)

A choice that changed my life... Ever-increasing earnings, ever-better prospects and the satisfaction of working on my own.


Montalto Pavese (PV)

Fears, doubts, uncertainties... it's normal when you face something new. Then the decision and every day the confirmation of having done the right thing.

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