“Pandemic Fatigue”: a ride can cure it.

The historical period we are going through, in addition to the unpleasant consequences on the country's economy, has introduced a new pathology, very different and in some ways very silent.

European states have detected signs of great stress and fatigue in their populations caused by the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.

In technical jargon it is recognized as "Pandemic Fatigue” and it is about “growing demotivation of people in implementing the protective behaviors recommended to protect the health of individuals and the community”.


In simple terms, at the beginning of a critical situation people are able to activate a mental and physical adaptation system to protect themselves from these highly stressful situations.

As the state of emotional tension continues, people must necessarily adopt changes to their lifestyle and habits, however generating stress and tiredness.

It follows that the anxiety of being put into lockdown again, the lack of socialization and the uncertainty of the future are factors that can trigger an anxiety-provoking response.


The WHO conducted a study according to which approximately 60% of Europeans suffer from this pathology and the order of psychologists found that more than half of Italians have suffered from panic attacks and anxiety episodes.

Even in this case, however, thephysical activity comes to our aid.

The bicycle above all could play an important role in this problem.

Use thee-bikesIn fact, while allowing social distancing which is fundamental in this historical moment, it also significantly impacts the nervous system and mood.

In fact, a secretion is released endorphins which have a beneficial and calming effect on the mood.


But in addition to this aspect, physical activity allows you to enter the "Flow”.

“Flow” is a term coined by the psychologist Ciskszentmihalyi and it is a mental state where attention is channeled on the activity we are performing at that moment.

Aerobic activity, such as going for a nice ride, is very suitable for experiencing Flow as long as the effort is not very intense, there are no distractions and you are having fun.

Precisely for this reason the use of a bicycle with pedal assistance is even more suitable than the use of a muscular one.


We will never tire of saying, therefore, that the e-bike really benefits everyone's life, so much so that it can almost be considered a medicine without any contraindications!

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