Mountain and Sport e-bike

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The use of a Mountain e-Bike is the choice dedicated to people, regardless of age and sex, who like to move, at an amateur level, even intense, allowing even for a non-sports person to tackle otherwise inaccessible routes and uneven terrain.

Mountain e-bikes are all equipped with "stress sensors" that require more effort from the cyclist, but retreating enormously more power (up to 250% more).

These are bikes equipped with a long-life battery and a wide range of available ratios, that allow even non-sports people to reach places they never thought of, to admire the beauty of breathtaking views, to fully experience the relationship with nature from a perspective that only the electric bicycle can offer.

The use of a Sport e-Bike is the choice reserved for very sporty people, who use the bicycle even at a competitive level. The Sport e-bikes are Mountain e-bikes with extremely advanced components, with front forks and front suspension and remarkable excursions.

This type of electric bicycle is intended for those who want to attempt their hand at extreme disciplines such as enduro and downhill, in which the vehicle is subjected to strong stresses.

Just for those who like to practice Downhill, the use of a Sport e-bike will significantly reduce their ascent times, making them completely autonomous and not depending on ski lifts or shuttle vans.

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