City and Trekking e-bike

this is the image of a woman with an e-bike

The use of a City e-Bike is particularly suitable for all those people who have to travel just a few kilometres, especially in the city.

There are different types of City e-bikes, but the most used ones are equipped with a "rotation sensor" which, once started, allows what is called "symbolic pedaling". Thanks to this, it is sufficient to rotate the pedals, even when empty and without making any effort, to keep the engine's power output active.

The City e-bike is a very interesting option for those who want to work hard and sweat as little as possible, as it allow them to easily climb on modest climbs (such as an overpass) without much effort.

This type of electric bicycle allows you to travel short journeys from home to work, without reaching the destination while sweaty and breathless; to do your grocery shopping with less effort; to go shopping while easily reaching the city center, up until the front of the store; to face short trips independently, even for elderly people.

The use of a Trekking e-Bike is an ideal choice for all those people who love to live outdoors, and for those who have to travel 10-15 kilometers to get to work.

These are not very different bikes from the City e-bikes but, normally, they have higher quality components, as they are designed to cover longer routes and, therefore, guarantee a better performance.

A greater battery autonomy also guarantees the possibility of using the e-bike Trekking for cycling, rediscovering the pleasure of being together, with family, with friends and with your children, carelessly tackling small tours and picnics, on cycle paths and simple cycling routes, which, thanks to assisted pedaling, become accessible to all without difficulty.

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