Tourist cycle paths in Italy: where are we at?

FIAB, the Italian Environment and Bicycle Federation, has taken stock of the situation regarding the funding provided for the major cycling tourism routes in Italy.

According to ministerial data from the PNRR, 400 million euros are expected to be allocated to the Regions and the Autonomous Province of Trento for the years from 2021 to 2026, of which 150 million of state funds under current legislation.

European resources are intended for the construction of at least 1,235 additional km of tourist cycle paths by 30 June 2026, including extraordinary maintenance works.

As for the 10 itineraries of National Tourist Cycle Route System already foreseen in the National Plan, therefore the Ven-To cycle route, the Sun cycle route, the Water cycle route, the GRAB, the Garda cycle route, the Magna Grecia cycle route, the Sardinia cycle route, the Adriatica cycle route, the Trieste-Lignano Sabbiadoro-Venice cycle route and the Tirrenica cycle route , 16.62 million euros were allocated to each cycle route, and 14.88 million euros to the GRAB in Rome, an amount sufficient to fully finance the work.

The subsequent Ministerial Decree of 12 January 2022, n. 4, assigned 400 million euros to the ten cycle paths from the PNRR resources of the sub-investment concerning tourist cycle paths. The same provision also defined the destination of a further 96 million euros of national resources, available under current legislation.

In particular, 27.5 million euros were dedicated to sections of Adriatic cycle route to be carried out within the Marche Region; while 68.5 million euros were allocated to the financing of cycle paths in the regions of Campania, Umbria and Valle d'Aosta, and in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, subject to positive evaluation by the local authorities of the technical-economic feasibility projects presented to the Ministry .

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