E-bike market: some numbers

ANCMA, National Cycle Motorcycle Accessories Association, took stock of the existing bike shops on Italian soil and the related sale of bicycles and e-bikes.

In Italy, approximately 3,900 specialized bicycle shops were registered in 2021.

There were around 3,300 in 2020, 2,800 in 2018 and around 2,600 in 2016.

It is a number that varies every year considering businesses that close and others that open for the first time but what is important to underline is that this number has been increasing for several years.

Especially the last two, 2020 and 2021, represented an extraordinary sales boom.

The services offered by specialized shops, in addition to the sale of bicycles and accessories, are the maintenance and repair of bicycles, offered by 95% of the shops interviewed, and the bike rental offer remains stable, while the sale of scooters in shops decreases, returning at 2019 levels.

The 23% of the shops, however, deals with cargo bikes, a sales phenomenon that is clearly increasing.

As regards the type of bicycles on sale, traditional bikes are decreasing, an effect mainly due to the appearance of new sales points that have recently started selling bicycles, favoring electric ones.

Finally, to the question "For every 10 customers who enter the store, how many think of reducing the use of the car in favor of the bike?", 26% of customers are willing to limit the use of the car in favor of e-bikes and bicycles.

This is a very important answer: it is a clear signal, in fact, of the change of direction on the use of the bicycle.

It is no longer just a question of sport or leisure, but there is, or is starting to exist, a need and an interest in having a different means of mobility.

Furthermore, the initiatives of the Government and local authorities to encourage cycling mobility are multiplying.

In this respect, we are one of the countries with the lowest rate of cycling mobility in Europe and, given the future scenarios of the automotive world, more and more mobility could shift to bicycles, especially electric ones.

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