Velo-city: what are the macrotrends in cycling?

Velo-City, the largest conference dedicated to the world of cycling, ended a few days ago.

This year it was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 14 to 17 June with a very important theme: “Cycling the change”.

There were over 150 speakers on stage and more than 1300 people including institutions, associations, technicians and companies from 52 countries.

So what are the important elements that emerged from Velo-city this year?

  1. Cycling has become a matter of energy efficiency and the fight against climate change

Initially the bicycle theme was considered as a thematic area relating to transport. Today, after these two years of pandemic, the bicycle plays a fundamental role in the fight against climate change. Especially in a context of great energy scarcity, the bicycle is the starting point to limit the use of hydrocarbons.

  1. Infrastructures are less relevant than active policies

The debate has always focused on two poles: following the Dutch thought on traffic calming and sharing space, or the Danish model on flow separation. This problem has been resolved with a different approach: if cars are removed from the streets, the problem of separation of flows will be solved and to do so people must be encouraged to use a means of transport other than the car.

The Utrecht program, therefore, aims to remove 1% of car parking spaces annually and increase the parking spaces available at train stations by 1000 spaces.

  1. eCargos are the turning point

Over time, this vehicle will progressively replace vans and consequently create much more work.

Cago bike programs have been introduced in the cities of Graz (Austria) and Gdinya (Poland). Furthermore, in Germany, it was decided to include in the highway code a special pictogram dedicated to the parking and loading/unloading areas of cargo.

  1. Women are increasingly important actors in the industry

In fact, at the top of the main cycling associations there are women who are leading a major change of direction. Think of Jill Warren, the management of the European Cyclists' Federation or Ann-Kathring Schneider at the ADFC or Saskia Kluit the CEO of Cycling UK.

Another edition full of ideas to reflect on to renew habits and lifestyle in a greener and more harmonious way with the surrounding environment.

Next year Velo-City will be in Leipzig, Germany from 9th to 12th May.

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