Are you resident or work in Bologna? Take advantage of the incentives!

For many, September is a bit like New Year's Eve: new beginnings, projects, the start of school, the usual good intentions regarding physical activity.

With a cargo e-bike you can move freely around the city and carry out all your daily activities while keeping yourself informed: taking the children to school, going to work, doing the shopping, taking a simple walk in the city.

And all this while avoiding city traffic.

If you are resident in Bologna or you work in a company that has signed a mobility management agreement with the municipality of Bologna, take advantage of the incentives on the purchase of a pedal-assisted Cargo Bike or an e-bike!

The municipal council, in fact, approved a package of measures to support sustainable mobility, for a total sum of 5 million and 215 thousand euros with the aim of encouraging and enhancing the purchase of e-bikes and eCargo.

3 million euros will be allocated, financed by the Pon Metro – React Eu fund, on two tenders aimed at citizens and workers of companies and entities based in Bologna that have a Mobility Management agreement in force.
The first tender invests 1 million euros in incentives on the purchase of pedal-assisted bicycles and cargo bikes by people residing in Bologna or even in the metropolitan city in the case of workers in companies/institutions with a current mobility management agreement and with place of work in the Municipality of Bologna.

The contribution will be increased by moving to 500 Euros for the purchase of a new one electric bicycle it's at 1,000 euros for a electric cargo bike and cannot exceed 50% of the expense.

The notice will be released shortly on the Municipality's website with the necessary procedures and documents indicated, while the opening of requests for the contribution (exclusively online) is scheduled for 16 September 2022 at the same time as the start of the European Mobility Week. Expenses already incurred after 28 June will be eligible in compliance with the conditions indicated in the announcement.

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