Save Energy: European Mobility Week 2023

From 16 to 22 September 2023 it will be the European Mobility Week, an event promoted by FIAB (Italian Federation of the Environment and Bicycle), in conjunction with the European Mobility Week of the European Commission, whose theme this year will be "Save Energy".

There will be six thematic areas proposed by the European Commission: public transport, active mobility, reducing dependence on private cars, mobility management, infrastructure solutions and energy saving.

In this sense, choosing the bike as a means of transport means choosing to change our way of moving in space and experiencing the environment for the better.

This edition of the European Mobility Week will be full of events aimed at achieving a single great objective: to raise citizens' awareness of the enormous advantage of using the bicycle as a means of improving one's health and making cities more liveable and less polluted.

Second FIAB the bicycle is the ideal means to lead the ecological transition and face current energy challenges.

During this week, many events are scheduled at a local level alongside the national ones. Here are the major events:

  • Car Free Week (16-22 September)

The challenge that invites people to move without a car for an entire week in favor of the use of sustainable means such as, for example, the bicycle.

  • Parking Day (16/17 September)

During these two days, the car parks of the participating cities will be temporarily transformed into spaces dedicated to artistic, cultural, recreational and culinary initiatives open to all.

  • Sports City Day (September 17)

FIAB sponsors this initiative, promoted by the SportCity Foundation, and will transform 140 Italian cities into a large open-air gym. It will be possible to participate in over 60 sporting activities organized in squares, parks and equipped areas, with the aim of promoting an active lifestyle in cities.

  • Bike to work day (22 September)

To conclude the European Mobility Week, 22 September is dedicated to Bike To Work Day, an invitation to everyone to go to work by bicycle, to discover how this choice can easily become a healthy daily habit.

A week spent cycling which, hopefully, represents a push towards healthier, more active and sustainable habits!

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