Parma: go to incentives for the purchase of ebikes and cargo ebikes!

222 thousand euros have been allocated to promote electric mobility, made available by the Municipality of Parma and Infomobility.

The fund is reserved for residents in Parma that they will purchase e-bikes and Cargo e-bike starting March 20, 2023.

The bonus paid will be equal to €300 for the purchase of pedal-assisted bicycles, while for the purchase of an eCargo it will be equal to €500.

This maneuver will serve to support the strategies of sustainable transport as an alternative to the use of a private car, but not only: the promotion aims to substantially encourage, in the coming years, a radical change in the mobility habits of citizens who, by leaving the car at home, will thus be able to actively contribute to improve air quality, reduce air pollution and urban traffic.

“The incentives that are proposed represent an important allocation made available to citizens: a concrete action to guide us towards a different way of moving around our city and towards that indispensable objective of sustainability  which the great challenge of the Parma Carbon Neutral 2030 project looks to" declared the Mayor “The mosaic of  actions and initiatives implemented in the context of mobility policies need awareness, but also the support of incentives".

This initiative, as mentioned, is aimed at all citizens residing in the municipality of Parma starting from from 20 March 2023 until 16 January 2024until the available fund is exhausted.

The incentive request must be made by completing the contact form on the site www.infomobility.pr.it , indicating your data, attaching your identity document or self-certification (in case the document does not indicate the updated residence in the municipality of Parma) and the invoice received from the retailer.

The incentive provided cannot then exceed 50% of the expense incurred for the purchase of the ebike or eCargo and cannot be combined with further state benefits or incentives provided by other bodies and administrations.

Finally, the bonus will be paid directly to the current account number indicated in the application according to the time order of presentation and each individual recipient can request only one incentive.

On this occasion, we remind you that through our e-Shop, it is possible to purchase the bike online by leaving a small deposit of 10% of the value of the bike and pay and collect the e-bike or e-cargo at the nearest E-Bike Travel point!

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