Mountain Bike Vs Trekking: which one to choose?

It is not uncommon for these two types of e-bikes to be lumped together because they are both used on unpaved roads.

The possible use in off-road vehicles is given by the fact that both have a central engine, where power management is modulated by the pressure that the user's foot places on the pedal.


But what is the difference between the two?


The e-Trekking it is an ideal bicycle for combining urban and daily use with long rides out of town or even real trips.

An important feature of Trekking bikes is represented by a geometry very convenient and comfortable, suitable for traveling even many tens of kilometres, often with luggage bags attached to the rear rack.

Furthermore, the Trekkings are mountainous tires moderately knobby which allows road use not too penalized by friction and, at the same time, "off-road" use, on dirt roads, river banks and country paths.

The suspensions they are normally only at the front although, more and more frequently, manufacturing companies are also offering models with rear suspension, capable of alleviating the discomfort linked to microtraumas caused by the roughness of the ground.


The e-MTB they feature frames with geometries designed for decidedly sportier driving and are characterized by suspensions much more performing, capable of offering valid support even to those who decide to tackle extremely difficult terrain.

The e-MTB world is divided into two macro categories: bikes front, cushioned only at the front and ideal for sporting use without excessive extremism, and bikes full, with both front and rear cushioning and aimed at a public who wishes to tackle extremely high-performance and difficult routes with very rough and stony terrain and often to make reckless descents on mountain slopes.


Basically, the choice between these two e-bike models must be made based on the routes you intend to pedal:

  • if you are looking for a bicycle suitable for children daily commute, but which allows you to discover the area in which you live for a Sunday trip or to do bicycle touring, then certainly there e-Trekking it's the bike for you.
  • if instead you want to use your e-bike to do sport and you are attracted by difficult roads, with steep slopes and rough terrain, or you are passionate about enduro or even, downhill, then thee-MTB It's the companion you need.


Now you decide which vehicle is right for you.

Depending on whether you want to travel the Via Francigena, quietly savoring the taste of the nature that surrounds you, or climb stony paths and descend mountains at breakneck speed, with adrenaline pumping!

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