MobilitARS: here are some good reasons not to miss the second edition!

It will be held on 26-27-28 May in Reggio Emilia, MobilitARS!

MobilitARS is the training symposium dedicated to urban mobility to bring public space back to its primary task of creating life and relationships without losing sight of the needs of the economy, adaptation to climate change and urban living.

An unmissable opportunity therefore for all people involved in mobility.

First of all, this will be a meeting moment to learn about news coming from the world of mobility, road safety, public space and resilient cities.

The various stands that will be held at MobilitARS, in fact, allow us to have a complete picture of the best practices successfully carried out by various subjects in the world of mobility, urban planning and urban policies.

There will be interventions by experts, ready to address the topic of mobility following a series of objectives which the mobility of the third millennium will have to aim for in order to bring public space back to the citizen's scale.

MobilitARS will also be a moment of public relations and business networking: the program, in fact, includes many events that can be of help to workers in the sector. Even the various free moments can become precious moments of exchange and expansion of the network of contacts.

Furthermore, it will also be a great opportunity to come into contact with the greatest professionals in the sector, such as designers, consultants and policy makers, as well as learn about new products and services on the market: thanks to the large exhibition area, in fact, you will be able to see and try the latest news from the bike world.

Finally, MobilitARS also becomes an opportunity to visit the beautiful Reggio Emilia: a city rich in culture, history and food and wine traditions, we would like to point out the our store in Reggio Emilia where you can rent e-bikes and discover the city!

Click here to discover the entire MobilitARS program

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