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LEVEL - Difficulty Scale

Difficulty: Easy

Flat terrain with some undulations, from 35 to 55 km a day - for everyone, including children - No training level is required.


Difficulty: Medium

Mainly flat terrain with some hilly areas, from 45 to 70 km per day - for everyone, children over 11 years old - A fair level of training is required.


Difficulty: High

Hilly and mountainous terrain, from 40 to 70 km - from age 16 and up - An excellent level of training is required.


The proposals for day trips and multi-day tourist packages that you find on ebiketravel.it are created, operated and marketed by the licenced travel agency/tour operator Wiligelmo by Modenatur who will take care of every aspect of the booking including sending the confirmation, collecting the payment and issuing a regular invoice.

E-Bike TRAVEL offers to Modenatur a promotional page on the site but does not act as an organizer or retailer.

Wiligelmo by Modenatur S.c.a.r.l. via Scudari n.10 41121 Modena – Italia  

VAT NUMBER 02374350367 Rea 285204

PH: +39 059 220022 | FAX: +39 059 2032688 | [email protected]  | www.modenatur.it

LICENCE: Provincia di Modena N° 92 issued on October 12th, 1998 


The general terms and conditions for daily excursions and / or tourist packages will be provided with the detailed offer.

The proposals published on the site are just ideas, a starting point to create your experience tailored to your needs and length of stay. Modenatur is available for customized proposals.



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