The 5 best e-Trekking models

Are you a lover of Sunday trips in the open air? Or cycling in the city to avoid traffic and parking problems?

Or are you looking for the perfect solution for your everyday life and your free time? Then a trek is right for you.

Pedal-assisted treks are versatile vehicles that guarantee maximum riding comfort and allow you to cover greater distances thanks to the central motor that assists the pedaling.

They have the strength and rugged nature of eMTBs and touring bikes blended with the comfort and design of e-city bikes, the combination of these features resulting in bikes that perform well on varied terrain.

Which one to choose?

We have made a small selection for you!


Assisted trekking with infinite autonomy!

In fact, these e-bikes have the 900Wh INFINITY battery, perfect for long journeys.

The aluminum frame equipped with trekking accessories is completed by the 80mm suspension fork and 10-speed Shimano Deore gearbox. The OLI SPORT PLUS motor with a nominal power of 250 Watts offers a torque of 85Nm which makes this bike a super e-trekking bike with exceptional comfort.

What changes between the two versions? The orientation of the barrel.

The BE27 is an e-bike designed for the female world and has a diagonal barrel, while the BE28 is an e-bike designed for the male world and therefore has a horizontally developed barrel.


If you are looking for a powerful and versatile pedal-assisted bike, to tackle long adventure rides. Comfortable and reliable, these e-Trekkings are able to take you on all your excursions, where the only thing that will make you lose your breath is the view.


Versatility guaranteed!

The standard equipment includes a roof rack, a powerful lighting system and a stand, and represents an element of safety when tackling road traffic. For cases where the climb is too steep or the luggage is too heavy, the Yamaha PW-ST engine provides significant support.

This e-bike is available in two models. The Low features a particularly low wheelbase and an upright seating position that allow you to get on and off the bike comfortably and always maintain control in traffic.

The High is equally comfortable, but has a tall barrel.


If you are looking for an e-bike suitable for daily trips, such as bike to work, but also for small outdoor adventures.


Fun to the nth degree!

Designed for different modes of use on the road and off-road, it is a real pedal-assisted bicycle suitable for all uses.

This eTrekking features a Bosch Performance Line 65 Nm motor and a 625 Wh battery for extraordinary adventures. The Suntour fork with 80mm travel and Hutchinson Python tires absorb irregularities in the terrain, on any surface.

The real gem?

Thanks to Bosch's eBike Lock locking function, the smartphone becomes the digital key to disable pedal assistance, to park without problems.

The XRoad 3 is also available in the women's version, with open frame, and in the men's version, with horizontal barrel.


You are a technology lover and you don't like compromises: with this e-bike you will be able to go to work avoiding traffic and parking problems and enjoy alternative holidays. All with the same e-bike.


An e-bike for all 7 days of the week.

From bike to work to cycle tourism, from small daily errands to large weekend excursions.

This pedal-assisted trekking is the perfect vehicle that will accompany you on all your adventures.

The Living is equipped with a front fork with a travel of 100mm, to absorb rough terrain, such as potholes or cobblestones. The set-up is completed by ergonomic handlebars and comfortable grips, luggage rack, headlights, SRAM gears and brakes and an ergonomic Gel-Flow saddle.

The BROSE T electric motor (70 Nm of torque) is installed on this pedal-assisted bike which provides assistance up to 25 km/h and guarantees performance at the highest levels in terms of performance, silence and reliability. With the 630 Wh battery you can also extend weekend trips.



If you are looking for an e-bike with an excellent quality-price ratio capable of satisfying all your needs!


The perfect eTrekking for extraordinary adventures!

Whether your trip lasts several days or you simply need to carry some cargo: with its sturdy roof rack, high-quality aluminum mudguards, support and bright headlight, AVENTURA² is as ready for cycle touring as it is for your everyday life .

With its powerful Bosch Performance CX e-drive, FOCUS AVENTURA² offers a peak of up to 750 Wh. The battery is elegantly integrated into the down tube and can be removed for charging.


You want a comfortable, versatile pedal-assisted trek with an extra-capacity battery!


All you have to do is go to the store E-Bike Travel closest to you, choose your new eTrekking and enjoy your urban and extra-urban adventures!


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