Franciacorta by e-bike: a beautiful ride in the land of good wine

The land of Franciacorta is pure poetry: castles, villages, nature reserves, good wine.

A wonderful landscape that deserves to be discovered slowly and carefully, as only an e-bike allows you to do.

The roads to travel wind through inclined terraces, vineyards, monasteries and can also include a wonderful experience of tasting the famous bubbles.

5 different cycle routes are created from the types of bubbles, created by the “Strada del vino Franciacorta” association and which aim to discover this fascinating area.

The itinerary Franciacorta Brut, it starts from Paratico in the direction of Brescia and is entirely asphalted; the route continues to Clusane sul Lago to enter the Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve, a wonderful site that frames woods and bodies of water and is crossed by 2 km of dirt road, where you can also visit the Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa.

The cycle path winds between Monte Isola and Monte Guglielmo and the hills of Valcalepio and where it is possible to stop in the cellar to taste the renowned Brut.

The itinerary Franciacorta Satèn it is a circular route that starts from Iseo and leads to a visit to the Sebino peat bogs and the Madonna della Neve Sanctuary in Andro. This tour will take you cycling through the vineyards of Nigoline, Adro, Monterotondo and Provaglio d'Iseo, with possible detours to Palazzo Torri and the Church of Sant'Eufemia di Nigoline.

The third itinerary is the Franciacorta Pas Dosé, a route that starts and ends at the Olivetana Abbey of Saints Nicholas and Paul VI of Rodengo Saiano. Another historical monument absolutely worth visiting is the Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa which can be reached by cycling between Monticelli Brusati, Provezze and Provaglio d'Iseo.

The Itinerary Franciacorta Rosé, however, starts from Erbusco with Villa Lechi and Palazzo Longhi and Carli. Other wonders encountered along the route are Bornato and Rovato with their castles and the Convent of the Annunciata on Monte Orfano.

The last beautiful route is the Franciacorta Extra Brut, which starts from the beautiful Piazza della Loggia in Brescia to cross the Torricella district until reaching the beautiful Sanctuary of the Madonna della Stessa of Cellatica; between the beauties of Gussago and the Abbey of Rodengo, we will pass through Cellatica again and return to Brescia.

Let's not waste any more time and get drunk on the wonders of the Franciacorta territories!!!

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