E-bike, Ancma intervenes: no insurance obligation

Ancma (National Association of Cycle and Motorcycle Accessories) has intervened in recent days to clarify the news according to which the Council of Ministers, during the session of 3 August, approved a draft legislative decree for the transposition of EU Directive 2021/2118, which would extend the Third party liability insurance obligation for bicycles and e-bikes.

Confindustria ANCMA underlined that “From reading the directive it clearly emerges that the provision concerns vehicles driven exclusively by mechanical force, therefore by an engine. As it was submitted to the Council of Ministers, the draft transposition decree does not refer to any insurance obligation for pedal-assisted bicycles, nor for muscular bicycles - the functioning of which is determined primarily by the action of assisted muscular force in the case of e-bikes by a mechanical force that always stops in the absence of the first - and expressly confirms the exclusion of these vehicles from the purposes of the directive itself".

No compulsory insurance therefore for traditional bikes and ebikes also because. As ANCMA pointed out “even just the short-sighted prospect of insurance for eBikes, the obligation for which is not present in any European state, represents a factor of strong concern for a leading sector and for a market which only last year generated a volume of business of over 3.2 billion euros".

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