Clean Cities Company: Italian cities are among the last places.

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly put the spotlight on the climate issue and the problem of global pollution, attributing many of the causes to urban mobility.

While many European cities have worked hard to find solutions, in Italy we are unfortunately still behind.

The report was published by the Clean Cities Campaign, a coalition of NGOs, environmental associations, think-tanks, grassroots movements and civil society organizations which aims to achieve zero-emission urban mobility by 2030.

The “Pan-European City Rating and Ranking on Urban Mobility for Liveable Cities” analyzed 36 cities and 16 European countries, classifying them on the basis of air quality and the state of roads.

The variables taken into consideration were:

  • Urban space dedicated to pedestrians and bicycles;
  • Safety levels for pedestrians and cyclists on urban roads;
  • Accessibility and affordability of public transport;
  • Urban traffic congestion levels;
  • Infrastructure for charging electric vehicles;
  • Traffic reduction policies for polluting vehicles;
  • Offer of sharing mobility services.

From the data collected, it was found that large European cities such as Paris have made progress but the goal of achieving zero-emission mobility by 2030 is still far away.

Compared to many countries, Italy has proven to be still far behind: the four Italian cities analyzed are all in the lower part of the ranking.

In 20th place we find Milan, in 23rd Turin, Rome in 32nd and Naples in 36th place, last in the ranking.

In first place we find Oslo, followed by Amsterdam, Helsinki and Copenhagen, but none of the 36 cities analysed, however, can be said to be satisfied.

The Mobility Manager of Legambiente, Andrea Poggio, in light of these results calls for concrete actions: "Legambiente is involved in the CleanCities campaign with meetings and events in 17 Italian cities, to show how to make them clean and safe, with all local services, also making good use of European funds for the relaunch. Our appeal to the mayors: let's measure ourselves with the aim of halving cars and pollution and doubling trams and trains, stopping diesels and promoting electric, bicycles and scooters, redesigning and reducing the speed to 30 km/h in the 80% of the roads”.

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