Brescia dedicates more space to bicycles.

Brescia will also be equipped with a plan dedicated to soft mobility, also known as Biciplan, a tool of fundamental importance for encouraging the use of bicycles in Italian cities.

This plan, still not widespread although mandatory, serves to provide cities with new cycling itineraries, redevelop existing ones, place suitable and dedicated signs as well as increase citizens' awareness of the use of bicycles for daily travel.

The Biciplan, However, it is not just a tool made up of maps and routes, but there are also dedicated areas and services for cyclists, such as car parks and speed stations, and strategies to correctly communicate the advantages to promote the use of two wheels.

Brescia will soon be equipped with this tool and the news arrived during the European Mobility Week, where the city administration, led by Mayor Del Bono, pointed out how the Biciplansia is a tool of fundamental importance for reducing traffic in the city, improving traffic and the air you breathe.

To make citizens participate in the drafting of the plan and raise awareness of city mobility, training events and surveys were held, with the possibility of also winning shopping vouchers.

The drafting of the document will be handled by the architect Matteo Dondè, together with the Netmobility agency of Verona and the Helios studio of Bolzano.

This group will have the important task of redesigning an eco-sustainable Brescia, tailored to citizens and attentive to their needs and requirements.

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