Bologna: funds for incentives on e-Bike and Cargo Bike purchases are increasing!

A further 100 thousand euros have been added to encourage the purchase of ebikes and cargo bikes.

The initiative of the Municipality of Bologna to encourage the purchase of e-bikes and cargo e-bikes was a real success.

The call for tenders was opened on 13 September and the campaign has achieved important objectives: 1,959 contributions have been awarded for a total of 947 thousand euros, therefore 95% of the financing available thanks to the ReactEU funds.

A further 100 thousand euros were added to the million initially allocated to continue the incentive campaign.

The contribution is equal to 500 euros for e-bikes and 1000 euros for pedal-assisted cargo bikes.

As with previous bonuses, the contribution cannot exceed 50% of the expense incurred for the purchase.

Contributions will be paid, according to the chronological order in which applications are submitted, until the fund is exhausted.

All applications must be submitted exclusively via SPID in dedicated municipal portal

But we don't stop here because today we give you some wonderful news!

In April E-Bike Travel will officially arrive in Bologna, inaugurating our new Store in San Lazzaro di Savena in Via Carlo Jussi 115/F!

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