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   We wanted the design and furniture of the store to fully reflect our philosophy of life and work.

For this reason, together with the architect Anna Chiara Bertolazzi, we embraced a minimalist style, aimed at enhancing the product - the electric bicycle - so that it would be the true and undisputed star of the showroom.

We also tried to choose natural materials such as wood, iron and stone in the choice of furniture, which bring us closer to the environment that surrounds us; an environment that, thanks to the e-bike, we can fully discover and appreciate in its marvellous essence.

Finally, the most important aspect of our choice... the quest to create a welcoming environment, a place where people can feel at ease and comfortable enough to ask questions, to discover the features of our e-bikes, to completely understand the philosophy of electric mobility. Our goal is not to reach a final line, but to enjoy the places we visit the pleasure and joy of just being there.

Welcome to the new "e-bike Travel" Store!